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70 percent of city dwellers prefer to go to the cinema rather than watch a film at home at the City of Richmond Hill.

On the occasion of the 70th Cannes Film Festival, Mastercard asked the residents of seven cities how the cinema experience is perceived today and how it could change in the future as a result of technological change.

Cannes, Frankfurt, 23.05.2017 – In a Europe-wide survey by Mastercard, 2125 residents from Berlin, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Moscow, Paris and Rome were asked about their cinema habits. The results showed that Berliners go to the cinema less often than other city dwellers. Nevertheless, visiting a film theatre is the third favourite leisure activity of Berliners. Above all, they seek distraction in the cinema and want to be made to laugh.

Although today there are many different ways to watch films, urban film lovers remain true to the cinema experience: 70 percent of the cinema-goers surveyed prefer to watch a film in the cinema instead of at home. In addition, 64 percent of those surveyed are open to the prospect of an extended cinematic experience in the cinema of the future. In all cities, going to the cinema is the third most popular cultural activity after travelling and eating. In Rome and Paris, cinema even ranks second.

The Romans are the most enthusiastic cinema-goers. 41 percent said they would go to the cinema at least once a week, closely followed by Parisians and Muscovites with 38 percent. However, Paris has the most eager moviegoers, with eight percent of Parisians going to the cinema more than once a week.

For all respondents, going to the cinema is a regular occupation that is undertaken collectively. Only eight percent of all cinema-goers said they preferred to go to the cinema alone. 48 percent, on the other hand, prefer to go to the cinema as couples.

And why do they go to the cinema? Most respondents said they wanted to laugh there. This is even more important to them than being surprised (2nd place) or inspired to dream (3rd place). Comedy is the favourite genre in all cities, followed by action films and dramas. However, the ranking also reveals regional differences: Londoners prefer dramas and Istanbul science fiction films.

A dynamic debate about the changing cinema experience.

The results of the study were part of a Mastercard discussion in Cannes, where film experts assessed the cinema experience today and in the future.

“Cinema is a strong cultural habit, said Stuart Brown, BFI, Head of Program and Acquisitions. When television was introduced, everyone thought it was the end of cinema. It also ran with video (VHS) and DVD and now it is happening again with streaming services. Cinema remains and evolves. All its innovations such as IMAX, 3D, sound effects are essential for cinema to remain attractive as an experience”.

“Although the cinema experience does not diminish, movie theaters must adapt to the expectations and demands of their audiences, says Nick Vivarelli, journalist for the industry magazine Variety. Cinemas need to improve their equipment to make the cinema experience even more unique for viewers and to set it apart from watching movies at home”.

“The cinema experience must be preserved,” is Lisa Nesselson’s conviction as a film critic. “Convincing younger generations of this is the key to the preservation of film theatre. It’s nice to see the effect cinema has on children, even if they don’t always fully understand what they’re watching. Cinema opens up new approaches for thoughts and points of contact that will influence them in their later lives.”

“Nowadays people value experiences more than things. Cinema follows the same principle and that is one of the reasons why it remains a unique cultural activity. It is therefore essential to offer priceless experiences in cinemas,” concludes Rose Beaumont, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing and Communications at Mastercard.

Good reasons to finally go to the cinema again.

What a drop in temperature that was in the last few days – autumn has now officially arrived in Hamburg. Now we are automatically drawn into the warmth. Because we don’t just want to hide under our blankets when the weather is bad, we’ve collected eleven reasons for you to go to the cinema again. And because the people of CinemaxX know that we really want to cuddle on in the cinema, they have recently screwed extra large, comfortable and adjustable seats into their cinemas!

Enjoy a special evening

If it doesn’t work out with the swarm, then at least with the best friend. A Friday evening at the cinema, a switched off smartphone, a piccolo and a really good thriller, for example “Blair Witch”, are part of the ultimate feel-good package after a strenuous week at work, during a heartache or simply for a cultivated film evening for two. The whole thing becomes even more relaxed when you treat yourself to one of the new VIP seats from CinemaxX. They’ve only recently been available in Hamburg’s cinemas and are incredibly comfortable, keywords: best view and even more space!

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