Blockchain for the IoT in Business


A New Perspective in Information Sharing Framework Blockchain is a shared distributed data source for peer-to-peer transaction. The core of this innovation is bitcoin – an electronically encrypted purse for regulating purchase and settlement system which was introduced in 2009. This purchase management system is decentralized and also usually runs with no intermediary. These transactions […]

Will Artificially Intelligent Race Car Drivers Beat Human Drivers?


It is my opinion that AI computer driven race cars and trucks will be able to finest the very best efforts of human vehicle drivers in the next few years. And soon, unmanned airborne cars which are fully independent will have the ability to win a dog-fight with a human boxer pilot ace. I just […]

Computer with codes

Information Technology or Information Toxicity?


I have actually just gotten the ultimate in mobile technology – the BlackBerry Lantern. I have actually constantly been a ‘CrackBerry’ as they seem to manage my emails, text messages as well as calendar actually well; although I have actually been covertly jealous of the iPhones a lot of my pals as well as family […]